per DM

The main IT consultancy services offered by per DM include:

per DM's Consultancy Skills

per DM has brought the following skills to the consultancy projects it has managed:
  • End user liaison - per DM has been responsible on a number of projects for gathering user requirements directly from a broad base of users within the client's organisation. The liaison with the end users continues throughout many projects refining the requirements and communicating strategy or changes in requirements back to the user. End users are valuable resources in the definition and execution of user acceptance tests. The success of many projects depends upon the perceptions and reactions of the end users in any organisation. per DM can help in structuring the involvement of end users to maximise the success of any project. Building construction projects particularly benefit from the gathering of requirements and detailed design requirements from a very broad base of users. RIBA stages D, E and F rely heavily on the creation and refinement of the detail on room layout sheets showing services and architectural components. per DM has been very successful in managing the room layout sheet process for organisations like the BBC.
  • Strategy - per DM has set the IT strategy for a number of organisations. For many clients the IT strategy has been developed as part of a relocation project to new premises offering clients, very often for the first time, the opportunity to set a brand new strategy for IT infrastructure items such as structured wiring schemes, telephony solutions, network solutions etc. These three IT components in particular are converging into a common solution. In a relocation to a new or custom built building, the client gets the unique opportunity to ensure the design of the building takes into account the requirements of IT infrastructure components rather than in most organisations in existing buildings where the IT infrastructure has to be shoe-horned into an inappropriate building. per DM has experience on a number of building projects ensuring that the location of IT distribution rooms, central computer rooms and cable routes are designed taking into account the constraints of structured wiring schemes, networks and wireless solutions. Coordinated design of IT infrastructure and building infrastructure at an early stage can increase the resilience of a building's design and maximise the integration possibilities of intelligent building control and the client's IT systems.
  • Programme Management - Even relatively small projects require programme management where a number of the elements of a project are handled by different project managers very often from separate organisations. per DM can provide the skills required to establish and run a programme office tracking and managing the dependencies, deliverables and milestones across multiple project plans.
  • Project Management - No project can be run successfully without an accurate project plan maintained throughout the life of the project. per DM will use the client's preferred project management packages but has ability in the most common packages including Microsoft Project. Project Management is more than just maintaining a project plan and per DM has the skills to manage a budget, regularly report progress against plan and budget, identify and manage risks and issues, liaise with the programme office (or manage the programme office, see above).
  • Design Team liaison - In the many years that per DM has been involved in relocation projects, per DM has developed the skills to get the most out of the relationship between the client and the design team members, particularly the architect and the mechanical and electrical engineers. per DM is familiar with the RIBA stages of a building project and is practiced in the extracting of information required at each stage from both the client and the design team.
  • IT systems - per DM has been involved in many projects involving the following IT components:
    • structured wiring schemes
    • networks
    • telephony solutions including VOIP, PBX and Dealerboard solutions
    • TV distribution System including IPTV
    • Market Data Distribution systems
    • Market Data Services
    • e-commerce solutions and web design