per DM

The main IT consultancy services offered by per DM include:

IT Strategy

per DM has been involved in establishing front office IT strategies for many leading financial institutions. Whilst per DM specialises in providing consultancy services associated with Market Data Services and Market Data Distribution Systems, many of the projects per DM has been involved in have also encompassed, out of necessity, desktop technology, networks, cabling and voice systems.

Through per DM's work with financial organisations and vendors during relocation projects and other consultancy projects, per DM is in a strong position keeping up to date with IT trends in vendors and other financial institutions and in many cases, setting those trends.

As anyone involved in IT knows only too well, the industry is a fast moving and innovative one. Few sectors are as rapidly changing as in the financial sector. Recent developments in the Internet and the viable integration of voice and data throughout an organisation's infrastructure are beginning to have a real impact on the profitability of an organisation.

There has never been a more appropriate time to review an organisation's IT strategy. Many financial organisations have had to radically reform their organisations to cope with the fallout from the credit crunch. Now is the time to make sure that competitors do not steal an advantage using IT.

Are your existing systems capable of exploiting these new IT trends, are you aware of what your competitors are planning to do with the new technologies, are your vendors keeping you up to date with their future plans.

Let per DM perform an IT strategy review for your organisation and make sure you are working from a position of strength, leading the market.