per DM

The main IT consultancy services offered by per DM include:

IT Relocation Project Management

per DM specialises in managing the IT element of a relocation project, usually working alongside other teams. Many of the elements of managing a relocation project are the same as for managing the implementation of a single new system or package identified above. For a relocation project, there are usually a number of new systems being installed resulting in a more complex project.

per DM is capable of handling all elements of an IT relocation project including:
  • Budget - the creation of an initial budget and maintenance of the budget throughout the life of the project.
  • User Requirements - gathering of user requirements and acceptance by the business.
  • Strategy - very often an early part of any relocation project is the formulation of an IT strategy.
  • Project Plan - determining the timescales of the whole project and monitoring progress throughout the project.
  • Programme Office - responsible for project tracking and reporting, particularly important where there are multiple teams working towards a common goal.
  • Procurement - managing the tendering process and procurement of services and systems.
  • Installation Management - management of all suppliers of IT services and systems and liaison with other disciplines involved in the relocation project from the design and build team to in-house resources.
  • Training - coordination of supplier training for users of the new systems.
  • Live Day Support - management and support of the first live day ensuring the business as usual support teams are in a position to fully support the new installation.
  • Project Wind Up - reconciliation of vendor invoices against works contracted. This activity normally extends beyond the last live date.