per DM

The main IT consultancy services offered by per DM include:

Market Data Services Analysis

In many financial organisations, the highest expenditure after staff costs is associated with Market Data Services (MDS). Most digital information distribution systems provide inadequate tools for the analysis and reporting of actual market data service usage. Even less information is available for stand-alone market data services.

per DM offer a service to analyse current market data service usage by an organisation and make recommendations which can cut costs or improve productivity. The analysis of market data services usage consists of:
  • User Matrix - the generation of a matrix showing every user of market data services within the organisation and the chargeable services each user takes. This is usually based upon information already maintained by the organisation but where it does not exist, it is created.
  • Reconciliation - the user matrix is reconciled against vendor invoices to identify areas of over and under subscription. The dealing room of most organisations is in a rapid state of flux, it is not unusual for records of usage and declarations to vendors to diverge from actual usage.
  • User Interviews - interviews with key users including heads of desks, or with all users where practical, to establish whether the current level of services subscribed to per user meets with requirements and actual usage.
  • Analysis - once the user matrix has been compiled, it has been reconciled with vendor invoices and the key users have been interviewed, per DM is able to perform an analysis of the way in which the organisation uses the market data.
  • Recommendations - following the analysis, per DM will present its recommendations to the organisation. This will encompass, service cancellations where current service levels can be decreased, service consolidations where one service can replace multiple existing services and in some cases recommended increases in services where productivity may be hampered by lack of access to business critical information.