per DM

The main IT consultancy services offered by per DM include:

Implementation Project Management

per DM specialises in system and package implementation project management. An important part of maintaining any business' competitiveness is keeping their IT systems up to date, providing the types of services their customers' require.

Very often this means selecting new systems from suppliers the company has not dealt with before and implementing solutions which may be unique within the industry.

Although a successful company does not become successful without having the skilled staff on board to maintain and develop their IT systems, the skills required to manage a new implementation project cannot always be found in-house.

per DM is capable of handling all elements of an IT implementation project including:
  • Budget - the creation of an initial budget and maintenance of the budget throughout the life of the project.
  • User Requirements - gathering of user requirements and acceptance by the business.
  • Product selection - assistance in the process of selecting the supplier and the product to meet the user requirements. per DM can also assist with contract negotiations ensuring expectations and milestones are included in the contract
  • Project Plan - determining the timescales of the whole project and monitoring progress throughout the project.
  • Programme Office - responsible for project tracking and reporting, particularly important where there are multiple teams working towards a common goal.
  • Supplier relations - managing the ongoing relationship with the supplier ensuring a relationship of trust is developed between the client and the supplier.
  • Implementation Management - management of all suppliers of IT services and systems and liaison with other disciplines involved in the relocation project from the design and build team to in-house resources responsible for infrastructure elements such as network, servers, cabling ongoing support etc.
  • Data Migration - very often a critical part of a new service implementation is the migration of client data from the old system to the new. Determination of whether old and new systems can run in parallel using the same data source, if not, managing the risks associated with migration.
  • Training - coordination of supplier training for users of the new systems and the in-house teams responsible for support and training.
  • Live Day Support - management and support of the first live day ensuring the business as usual support teams are in a position to fully support the new installation.
  • Project Wind Up - reconciliation of invoices against works contracted. This activity normally extends beyond the last live date.