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Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson is a founder member of per DM limited with over 23 years of experience in the IT business including the financial and telecommunications industries.

Linda has managed the integrated process of global telecommunications switch roll out for MCI WorldCom International. The data and voice switches comprise many separate systems which require integration at the point of installation. Linda's project was responsible for defining and implementing the procedures to ensure the successful roll out of MCI WorldCom International's global switch network.

Prior to joining MCI WorldCom International, Linda had spent twelve years in the market data and financial markets IT sector working for Reuters Limited and Troy Systems.

During this period Linda has been involved in the development and implementation of market data distribution systems, keyboards and keyboard switching systems.

At Troy Systems, Linda was responsible for product management, marketing and the management of major projects for Troy's entire range of market data systems. Among her achievements were:
  • Project Management of the installation of a 200 position digital information distribution system for Morgan Stanley.
  • Responsible for developing relationships with a number of third party OEM's including IBM, Logica and numerous IT consultancies throughout Europe. Linda developed this part of the business to the point where it contributed the majority of Troy's European revenue.
  • Identified new market opportunities and products. From the development of the initial concept through to design and manufacture, Linda was responsible for all aspects of product development.
  • Managed a team of software development staff working on new product design and testing of embedded systems software.
When Linda was with Reuters she was responsible for the development of Reuter's range of intelligent keyboards.

Prior to joining Reuters, Linda has worked for leading companies in the telecommunications and aerospace industries.